Health, Safety, Code Compliance Agent, Gaming Commission

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians (SMBMI) is a self-governing nation and, as such, has established a tribally managed governmental department to enhance the protection of gaming and other related activities. The San Manuel Tribal Gaming Commission (SMTGC) is the department created by tribal ordinance as the primary regulator of gaming within the SMBMI Jurisdiction. The SMTGC, which includes the Gaming Compliance Department, is responsible for ensuring the Gaming Operation complies with all applicable Federal, State, and Tribal laws and gaming regulations.
The role of the Health, Safety, Code Compliance Agent is to fulfill the SMTGC's mandate to protect the health and safety of patrons, employees, guest, visitors, and Tribal citizens at the Gaming Facility. This position will ensure the Gaming Facility complies with Tribal, Federal, and State regulations covering emergency preparedness, food safety, potable water, construction, maintenance, hazardous materials, sanitation, environmental, and public health. Provides on-site enforcement of the gaming operation by conducting inspections, investigations, monitoring, procedure reviews, and developing regulatory standards to fulfill the SMTGC's oversight role. Responsibilities include being the SMTGC's safety expert, providing Gaming Compliance Management with reliable interpretations of regulations, industry practices, and recommendations during emergencies or situations related to the skillset of the position.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities
Conducts the biannual Gaming Facility License process ensuring all licensees in the SMBMI Jurisdiction are operating Gaming Facility that comply with Tribal, State, and Federal law.
Conduct on-site inspections to ensure the safety of patrons, employees, guest, visitors, the environment, property, resources, and compliance with applicable laws. Immediately report instances of non-compliance to the responsible department(s) for corrective actions.
Maintain accurate and organized system for all inspection checklists, OSHA reports, Tort claims, notes, safety occurrence reports, and meeting documentation that can be used as evidence in the event regulatory action is required.
Review, analyze safety trends, and investigate safety practices to identify patterns, cause, origin, and circumstances allowing the SMTGC to ensure the health and safety of the Gaming Facility and its occupants.
Facilitate inspections of the Gaming Facility structures, by qualified professionals for the purpose of issuing a Certificate of Occupancy or health permits.
Visit construction sites during various stages of the remodeling to ensure compliance with applicable codes, ordinances, and regulation.
Monitor the testing and certification of the mobility aids and lifts used by patrons and employees.
Review and test the Gaming Facility's preparedness for disasters and determining whether the Gaming Facility meets the certification requirements of CGCC-7.
Ensure the water used by the Gaming Facility is potable as evidenced by testing conducted by a qualified inspector.
Monitor and conduct inspections of food areas for health code violations, unsanitary conditions, and general disrepair.
Analyze and test the Gaming Facility's environmental programs for compliance with Tribal, State, and Federal environmental laws.
Reviewing new and revised safety procedures for the gaming operation to comply to safety regulation.
Develop and maintain SMTGC's safety standards to regulate the Gaming Facility, ensuring the health and safety of patrons and employees.
Oversee the SMTGC's safety program including training, committee meetings, resolving safety issues, records management, and working with the Tribe's safety department.
Bachelor's degree in Occupational Safety & Health or Public Safety required.
Minimum four (4) years public safety, emergency management, occupational safety & health and risk management experience preferred.
Equivalent combination of education and experience may be accepted in lieu of degree requirement.
At the discretion of the San Manuel Tribal Gaming Commission you may be required to obtain and maintain a gaming license.
Must have a valid driver's license with acceptable driving record as defined by the company insurance carrier.
Valid and current ServSafe Certification.
San Manuel Band of Mission Indians will make reasonable accommodations in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

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